About Laura

Laura is a Los Angeles-based actor

who works in film, television, voice-over, theatre, and print. SAG/AFTRA

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How She’s Been Cast

down-to-earth leader

the tomboy next door

sexy know-it-all

fragile fighter

razor sharp with a heart

compassionate authority

every shade of Southern

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Laura Simms is a Los Angeles-based actor who works in film, television, voice-over, theatre and print. The first in four generations of her family not to go into law, Laura headed for the stage instead. Her career began in regional theatre with roles such as Alais in The Lion in Winter, Helen in The Trojan Women, and Portia in Julius Caesar. She performed in every state on the Eastern seaboard, toured to international festivals in Italy and Romania, and performed in a world-record breaking 70 hour improv show. 

Laura has studied with The Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon, at The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, and recently received an MFA in acting from UC Irvine. 

Since settling down in LA with her husband Zach and their entertaining rabbits Ewok and Henry, Laura has appeared on “ER,” “Criminal Minds,” “Leverage,” and, fittingly, on “Castle” as a young attorney. It seems the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the family tree.

rebel with a good cause  

homegrown heroine

candid professional

misguided visionary

ambitious upstart

lovable free spirit

elegant trouble-maker

Laura is known for her quiet confidence, strong instincts, quirky sense of humor, and emotional availability.

“Laura Simms offers a lustrous performance.”    

“...attractively fetching and coyly playful.”

“She has extraordinary versatility and can achieve a level of authenticity that is simply mind-blowing.”